I wrote a blog on my thoughts on homosexuality and Christianity a few weeks ago and  some guys lashed out at me brutally. Clearly  because they misunderstood some of my points  but some of their comments were genuine corrections of certain baseless arguments I made. I would say their comments were not quite the reaction I expected. Sometimes it is hard to understand a person’s argument, when on the surface the person in question seems to be making a similar argument as yours but is deeply against your argument. It is quite confusing. Anyway their comments necessitated the sequel to that blog.

I would like to start by saying in bold letters ‘HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT THE GREATEST SIN’. Some people are of the view that Christians are making homosexuality look like the greatest sin. If there is any reason why Christians are so loudly against homosexuality, it is because it is fast entering the category of legalized sins in this world. I am not trying to make mild, the essence of homosexuality, I am just trying to bring to the notice of the many who are of this view that, it is the seeming indifference developed towards this phenomenon that worries me.

Based on my observation, I’ve come to realize that the moral standards of the world has fallen because  some people are becoming selfish and indifferent about these issues. People who have probably not thought through the repercussions of this act, tend to open their mouths to let out the most selfish statements. There are those who are of the view that  nobody should be bothered about what two adults intend to do in their rooms. This is AMAZING!!!! You see, the comments I had on my past blog, led me to do a little research into this issue and I came across incredible facts. I happen to read the Criminal Code of Ghana, and realized how ignorant I am about the laws of this country. One of the sections that caught my attention was the one captioned – OFFENCES AGAINST PUBLIC  MORALS. Apparently, the law, which is an inanimate entity, put together by human beings is more concerned about the morals of human beings than we are. Yet here we are, as humans, claiming whatever two adults consent to do in the privacy of their rooms does not bother  us no matter how morally wrong it is? In that section of the Criminal Code, I stumbled on a few interesting things. Now, assuming nobody, including the law, should care when two grown men decide to sleep together in the confines of their rooms, then why are the following, recognized as criminal acts according to the laws of the land (incest, attempted suicide, operation of a brothel  and prostitution)?

What if a 59 year old man decides to sleep with his 20 year old daughter with her CONSENT? By the analogy made in the previous paragraph, why should this be a crime? Because the culprits in question are both adults, hence they are free to do whatever pleases them so far as they came to a consensus, right??? In May 2011, a farmer in Akuofrom named Kwadjo Ababio was arrested. What was his crime? He attempted to kill himself. Yes, the dude was unsuccessful in ending his own life- pathetic:

The law in question is the Criminal Code, 1960 (Act 29) Section 57 (2) which says: ‘whoever attempts to commit suicide shall be guilty of a misdemeanor’. (source: modernghana.com)

Yet he was arrested and sentenced to prison, for 3 months. I thought somebody said, what an adult chooses to do in the confines of his room, which would not affect any other person adversely shouldn’t be anybody else’s concern. The next is, prostitution. Who cares what an adult does with his or her body  for money, since it affects none of us? Should we care at all? Why should prostitution be a crime then? If we say what adults do together behind curtains shouldn’t bother us since it affects us in no way, then those crimes mentioned above, need to be removed from the laws of Ghana. I am just saying the law was built on strong moral values and not about whether or not the crime  affects an individual or the entire society. What people are doing is to eliminate any form of an ABSOLUTE MORAL LAW so they can live life any how they want to. And there are some who assume they have reached the peak of the academic Everest, therefore they demand an explanation from God on why homosexuality is a sin. The impudence! People simply want to eliminate the idea of the existence of God, since they know they would have to be accountable to Him. And that is wrong.

Ravi Zecharias, a world renowned Christian apologetist, said and I quote ‘sexuality is sacred’. Human sexuality is sacred. You just can’t abuse it. Donnie Mcclurkin, a gospel singer and a pastor was gay for several years yet he was able to come out of it. According to him, he wasn’t cured, he was delivered. This  tells us that, it is  more of a spiritual issue than a psychological one. I believe there is hope for people with such a disposition. We are not condemning them, we are just condemning the act just as we would do any other sin.


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