I wrote a blog on my thoughts on homosexuality and Christianity a few weeks ago and  some guys lashed out at me brutally. Clearly  because they misunderstood some of my points  but some of their comments were genuine corrections of certain baseless arguments I made. I would say their comments were not quite the reaction I expected. Sometimes it is hard to understand a person’s argument, when on the surface the person in question seems to be making a similar argument as yours but is deeply against your argument. It is quite confusing. Anyway their comments necessitated the sequel to that blog.

I would like to start by saying in bold letters ‘HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT THE GREATEST SIN’. Some people are of the view that Christians are making homosexuality look like the greatest sin. If there is any reason why Christians are so loudly against homosexuality, it is because it is fast entering the category of legalized sins in this world. I am not trying to make mild, the essence of homosexuality, I am just trying to bring to the notice of the many who are of this view that, it is the seeming indifference developed towards this phenomenon that worries me.

Based on my observation, I’ve come to realize that the moral standards of the world has fallen because  some people are becoming selfish and indifferent about these issues. People who have probably not thought through the repercussions of this act, tend to open their mouths to let out the most selfish statements. There are those who are of the view that  nobody should be bothered about what two adults intend to do in their rooms. This is AMAZING!!!! You see, the comments I had on my past blog, led me to do a little research into this issue and I came across incredible facts. I happen to read the Criminal Code of Ghana, and realized how ignorant I am about the laws of this country. One of the sections that caught my attention was the one captioned – OFFENCES AGAINST PUBLIC  MORALS. Apparently, the law, which is an inanimate entity, put together by human beings is more concerned about the morals of human beings than we are. Yet here we are, as humans, claiming whatever two adults consent to do in the privacy of their rooms does not bother  us no matter how morally wrong it is? In that section of the Criminal Code, I stumbled on a few interesting things. Now, assuming nobody, including the law, should care when two grown men decide to sleep together in the confines of their rooms, then why are the following, recognized as criminal acts according to the laws of the land (incest, attempted suicide, operation of a brothel  and prostitution)?

What if a 59 year old man decides to sleep with his 20 year old daughter with her CONSENT? By the analogy made in the previous paragraph, why should this be a crime? Because the culprits in question are both adults, hence they are free to do whatever pleases them so far as they came to a consensus, right??? In May 2011, a farmer in Akuofrom named Kwadjo Ababio was arrested. What was his crime? He attempted to kill himself. Yes, the dude was unsuccessful in ending his own life- pathetic:

The law in question is the Criminal Code, 1960 (Act 29) Section 57 (2) which says: ‘whoever attempts to commit suicide shall be guilty of a misdemeanor’. (source: modernghana.com)

Yet he was arrested and sentenced to prison, for 3 months. I thought somebody said, what an adult chooses to do in the confines of his room, which would not affect any other person adversely shouldn’t be anybody else’s concern. The next is, prostitution. Who cares what an adult does with his or her body  for money, since it affects none of us? Should we care at all? Why should prostitution be a crime then? If we say what adults do together behind curtains shouldn’t bother us since it affects us in no way, then those crimes mentioned above, need to be removed from the laws of Ghana. I am just saying the law was built on strong moral values and not about whether or not the crime  affects an individual or the entire society. What people are doing is to eliminate any form of an ABSOLUTE MORAL LAW so they can live life any how they want to. And there are some who assume they have reached the peak of the academic Everest, therefore they demand an explanation from God on why homosexuality is a sin. The impudence! People simply want to eliminate the idea of the existence of God, since they know they would have to be accountable to Him. And that is wrong.

Ravi Zecharias, a world renowned Christian apologetist, said and I quote ‘sexuality is sacred’. Human sexuality is sacred. You just can’t abuse it. Donnie Mcclurkin, a gospel singer and a pastor was gay for several years yet he was able to come out of it. According to him, he wasn’t cured, he was delivered. This  tells us that, it is  more of a spiritual issue than a psychological one. I believe there is hope for people with such a disposition. We are not condemning them, we are just condemning the act just as we would do any other sin.


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brainy concerns raised. But what struck is the crime for attempted suicide. I once wrote on my wall, a story about a street who has suffered to bone, but gets no help from even the law makers. After being raped by a judge’s son, but had no justice, she felt the world’s too strange for her to live. Therefore her descision to commit suicide. But those law men who never listened to her, when she cried takes her to court to prosecute her.
But the first question is, do they have the moral right to prosecute anyone who decides to leave this world, for reasons that are best known to him/her? Are national institution there as salvagers, or just prosecutors. They’re all greedy bastards. And so are the so-called men of God, who only enjoy driving in big cars, and enjoying good life with their families. JESUS NEVER RODE ON A HORSE, WHENEVER HE WENT OUT TO DO GOD’S WORK.
our God would be our judge!!!


Nana yaw do u ride or board vehicles to work?…so y not d pastors?…anyway Jesus rode on a donkey to Jerusalem…thank u


it’s a nice feeling when somebody reads my blogs and understands it perfectly. thanx. but i just don’t agree with u totally in the 2nd part, especially about the pastors. you said ‘our God be our Judge’ well i guess u just judged them so no need for God to intervene. it was a bit judgmental for me


Asem b dis! Hmm where do I start.

Let’s see….. Ok.I will jus highlight the portions I disagree with and explain maself.

First off Elisablah…please feel free to call me by name a ‘bash’ me instead of going round in circles with the ‘some people’ nonsense. Get over it. I can take harsh comments jus like I dish em out.

Massa calm down. Being criticised on the merits of your arguments isn’t a brutal experience! Ebei

‘I would like to start by saying in bold letters ‘HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT THE GREATEST SIN’.’ So why did you put the statement in quotation marks?

‘…it is because it is fast entering the category of legalized sins in this world’

Seriously, Elisabblah…do you understand what you have just written there? Legalized sin. I mean a sin which is legal? What do you mean? I think you are confusing Biblical laws with man-made laws. In other words, explain the phrase ‘LEGALIZED SIN’

You continue ‘Based on my observation, I’ve come to realize that the moral standards of the world has fallen because people are becoming selfish and indifferent about these issues.’ Now you make me laugh! I mean seriously, U did some research ‘observation’ and FOUND OUT THAT MORAL STANDARDS HAVE FALLEN? Don’t fool yourself man. Like the Bible says…there’s nothing new under the sun – Ecclesiastes 1:9

My Point is this – when people CLAIM moral standards have fallen or risen, they r talking nonsense most of the time. EVERY SOCIETY DEFINES FOR ITSELF WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE AND WHAT’S NOT AT ANY GIVEN POINT IN TIME.

At some point in the Old Testament, people got stoned to death for a lot of things. People who developed certain sicknesses were sent away – ostracised for that matter etc etc. Were those HIGH MORAL STANDARDS By today’s assessment? Heck, when a nation won a war, they could summarily kill all the males of fighting and non-fighting age….how morally right was that? Don’t even start me about forced and multiple marriages…just don’t. So Elisabblah, don’t gimmie that non-fa about MORAL STANDARDS!

Ok, as if you havent spewed out enuf nya you let out this dandy…

‘People who have probably not thought through the repercussions of this act, tend to open their mouths to any degree beyond 360 and let out the most selfish statements. There are those who are of the view that nobody should be bothered about what two adults intend to do in their rooms.’

Yes Elisabblah, I am one of those people. I have said it and I repeat it..I DONT CARE WHAT TWO ADULTS DO IN THE COMFORT OF THEIR PRIVACY SO LONG AS IT DOESNT INVOLVE CHILDREN, ANIMALS AND VEGETABLES. Its is none of my business. It’s between them and their creator. I am not the one to ENFORCE God’s LAWS. No way. I am only here to FOLLOW them. CALL THIS SELFISHNESS AND I PLEAD GUILTY AS CHARGED.

As for your reference about the Laws about self harm etc. What I will say is this. Laws do change. We human beings as a society, make laws and change laws. We do so whenever we feel it is ok to do so. Very often, we WASTE a lot of time on very BOGUS issues whilst BIGGER matters are left unaddressed. For example, Today in Ghana and the developing world, children are dying from Malaria and a lot of other preventable diseases. Do we have any laws that FORCE Politicians to PREVENT these deaths? No we don’t. So tell me. Which is more important..worrying about what two adults r doing in their room (which the law is so interested in( versus worrying about children dying from causes that are easily PREVENTABLE. Priorities my friend, priorities!!


That makes me laugh….because God himself..removed his own people from S n G b4 he burnt down the place….and more..he would have SAVED them if there were a few more people who worshipped him in S n G. Go figure!

My aim is not to be ‘brutal’ or attack, but to encourage you to look at things differently. Seriously, I used to think like you do until I saw and read a lot of arguments and today I can see the point. Lets keep talking.

@papabedo on twitter


u r talking too much.. no substance. jux insults.i saw ur pic on twitter n realized dat u were older than i am.. amazing how it doesnt reflect in ur analysis of the truth.. so i will play the ‘more mature person role’ n jux walk off.


Oh well..it had to come to this!

One. This is an avenue for talking/chatting/exchanging views….UNLESS U happen to be able to articulate your views and positions clearly.

I will never play the age card and assume all young people are devoid of careful reasoning and analysis. Like our elders say..we have all be young once upon a time…

Three, U are still unable to address my specific points and you are CHOOSING to run away. I have seen a lot of quitters in my time. This approach doesn’t surprise me.

All I will say is this…I hope many young people are keen to debate and exchange views and opinions. This is what builds a country/society and community. This is what happens a lot in the west. I hope we agree to jaw jaw is better than to war war.

My doors r stil open. No offense taken.

@papabedo on twitter


excuse me!!!! u r not exchanging vieews wif me.. u r jux insulting me. if i had replied in the same vein i would hav insulted u tooo. i was brought to respect the elderly.. i’d love to hav a nice discussion wif u devoid of insults and any such thing. then i will address ur issues.. plus… i am not running away. i never do dat. am jux restraining myself.


Wel Wel wel…

Two things….

1. Identify evry ‘insult’ you found in my post..bring them to my attention and I will apologise to you. You will then feel not so aggrieved and then you can respond to the ‘non-insults’ in my post

2. You could just forget about the ‘insults’ and just respond to the rest of my comments.

I think there is a fair amount to be said about this topic and I want to encourage views and opinions being expressed.

Does this sound ok to you?

@papabedo on twitter


seriously u need me to pin point the insults in there for you??? dat would virtually be an insult to u, cuz that will suggest that i assume you are a blind person. ha! ah well i will just ignore them.. this is my view on the issue.. the laws of Ghana were fashioned on the foundation of the laws of the English which was fashioned on the principles of the bible. therefore what is seen as a crime usually stems from what the bible deems a sin. you might not care what two grown men do in the comfort of their home, but do you care if God cares about it???? yes we are christians and if we believe in God and continue to act like it we will end up in heaven, BUT our main duty is to get as many people in heaven as we can oo boss.. therefore if someone does does not affect you in anyway yet it isn;t the original setting of God for humanity, then i suggest you express a certain level of repulsion to it. yes we are all not perfect, we are being perfected. so there could be people with such tendencies who truly want change, the ones who don’t are the problem. and THE PEOPLE WHO ARE INDIFFERENT ABOUT THEIR PLIGHT ARE THE GREATER PROBLEM OO BOSS.


Hi Elisabblah,

Good to know we r able to move on and talk now abt the core issue.

You have to be clear about where you are approaching this issue from. You are right in stating that we copied a lot of our laws from the English legal system and that in turn had a lot of input from Christian values and beliefs that existed at the time.

The truth is, things have changed a lot lately in the English system. I know this not only because I used to live, study and work there but also because I wanted to learn about a society making a transition on very many things.

Today in Britain, Gay marriage is legal: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21346220 . This and many other changes have happened and are happening because SOCIETY changes. There are very many things we used to do in the past that we dont do today. In the past the Church itself supported slavery! Can you imagine that? In the past, we discirminated against disabled people and women etc etc.

Now lets talk about Biblical expectations. I have no problem with any Pastor interpreting the Bible and saying that the Bible abhors Homosexuality. It does and thats the truth. It’s his/her duty too

2 Timothy 4:2 – Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.But the same Bible also says we should not do so many things that we also do – I am not saying two wrongs make 1 right.

If we are operating as a society (not as a Church), then we have to know that not everyone believes in the Bible. Even those who do interpret many many things differently. It will be difficult to run a country like the Bible says because not everyone is a Christian who believes in the same interpretation of everything.

For this reason, we have to have a constitution and a rule book to guide us. Now I accept that my indifference ON THIS ISSUE is one which is fully defensible (even though you may not agree with my reasons).

I think that as a society, God will be much more favourable on us if we were to show love and kindness to children and stop those who abuse them from doing so, and stop malaria and many other preventable diseases from killing them early, and stop death during childbirth, and , and and.. you get my drift, I think we have too many important issues to worry about and I would be more PASSIONATE about those issues , rather than get ‘worked up’ or ‘excited’ about GAYS.

As a society, we have to define the things that really matter to us and work on them instead of issues that do not really matter’

@papabedo on twitter

PS Next time u check my twitter handle notice that I am a KNUST Alumni. It appears u r linked to KNUST 2. Careful, I have plenty lecturer friends and can get u trailed for messing about wif me!…only joking!


truly there are so many things we could use our precious time to talk about. too many!!! yet this seems to creep into every single talk show about morality in this country because the entire country might not be filled with christians, but every religion present in Ghana is against it. islam, traditional religion etc.. you would even realize that christianity is even more lenient in dealing with gays as compared to these other religions. in islamic communities one could be severely punished because of his/her engagement in immorality. the point is, every society has standards. ours as Ghanaians is based on religious precepts. and about your lecturer friends.. errmmm, i will be completing this year oo, they can’t trail me now..


Nice piece. I must say that have been enlightened about our constitution and I respect your views. But like in your conclusion, “W are not condemning them, we are just condemning the act just as we would do any other sin”. Let us condemn the act and not the people. They have basic rights to live like us. Let us not deny them their rights to love and be loved, their rights to exist. Let us help them and not throw them to dust.


Nana yaw do u ride or board vehicles to work?…so y not d pastors?…anyway Jesus rode on a donkey to Jerusalem…thank u

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