My eyes are naturally repulsive to bad art. I just cannot stand it when I see what is supposed to be a work of art, looking like a mistake or something created by an artiste under painful compulsion. Unfortunately, I happen to see that anytime I step out of my room- the blunder of an appearance our dear ladies would want to call fashion nowadays. Therefore what they call fashion nowadays has turned out to be a weapon fashioned against me, and trust me, it is prospering in its bid to scare the living daylight out of me.

It is amazing why anybody at all would want to look anything like the picture above. Just last week, I was walking through the faculty area of KNUST and I was asking myself ‘was there an auditioning going on for the cast of the sequel to the Avatar movie?’. Do you remember the movie Avatar – the one with those lanky gigantic creatures who lived in a somewhat imaginary place called Pandora? I could bet my last pesewa on the fact that a certain percentage of women who were scurrying on the verandas at the faculty area that day had their faces painted like those blue creatures in that movie. If it is a ploy to scare boys away and to deter boys from bothering the ladies with love proposals left-right-center, then it is clearly working *at least in my view*. You don’t walk out of your room looking like something that fell off my little nephew’s sketch pad or something I would draw with my left hand and expect me to tell you, that you look pretty. Well, not me. The annoying thing is, usually some of these girls are actually naturally beautiful, so it leaves one to wonder why they would opt for badly painted faces. There is certainly  something wrong with the sort of exposure our dear ladies have had. Watching all these video clips and wanting to dress like the women in there is totally absurd. This is because those women in there, most probably dressed up like that just for the video shoot and would change into something more decent at the end of the day. Same can be said about the modeling world. Some of these designer clothes and make-up styles were made to be existent only on the runway. Why would you come to lectures, dressed like a model on the runway? It is clear all this indecency in fashion we see nowadays is birthed from the innermost desire to be seen and noticed. If you truly want to be seen, just write that on a piece of paper and paste it on your forehead. You will be noticed!!! Instead of having multiple piercings on your face, bad painting and what not. Honestly I think having more than one earring at a time on one’s ear sends out a certain message to me. Why would you want to burden your earlobe with all that weight, even the Maasai women of Kenya would not do that. So now, you virtually see a lady walk by you and you can’t help but notice how much her earlobe is struggling to drag the earrings along.

Another  issue worth discussing is the inappropriateness of some of the things ladies wear nowadays. Coming to lectures looking like you are going to the poolside or a dinner is beyond an eyesore. It is disheartening sometimes. Anyway I am yet to see a lady wear high-heels to class. Some of those shoes are really high!!!!!. It almost look like they wear those shoes to aid them in their bid to pluck the sun from the sky. Sometimes  I wake up in the morning and  make a covenant with my eyes not to look at any woman lustfully yet I find myself being tempted the entire day because a certain girl seems to have had an intentional wardrobe malfunction. Spilling their breasts out and doing same to their waist beads makes it almost impossible to keep that halo spinning on my head. And I don’t like that. It is always said that ‘things done by halves are never done right’. From this analogy, I would like to appeal to every lady to finish dressing before they step out. It is almost as if their neither dressed up nor naked – and that is very confusing. As a matter of fact, it is extremely confusing. Exposing so much skin does not leave much to be desired or imagined because it is all there and bare. If I am not mistaken a human being’s nakedness is almost sacred and that is why there are doors to every bathroom. That is why there are changing rooms when you go to the poolside. So anytime the sacred nature of an entity is defiled, it becomes a huge problem to humanity.

Anyway, though I am advocating the need for decency in dressing, I am not asking ladies to dress like nuns. Far from that. I believe in moderation. There is nothing wrong with being fashionable, as a matter of fact it should even be promoted. All I am saying can be summed up in this quote ‘you are addressed by how you dress’. In advertising it is not  only about the product but how it is packaged. Packaging adds a lot of value to a product. Fashion is basically human packaging. So please add value to yourself by the way you dress.


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Good work man, this read is good. Keep it flowing, never to stop or the ink jar gets to dry. Keep inking.

Glow Gramps

nice one!!!

joel aggrey

21-gun salute for the great writer


nice. some of the words are curt and harsh

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