Temples, built by religious fanatics

Enveloped in beauty, for the admiration of men

And those stones that were used to build them

In the end, On each other, none shall ever fit

As the temples will be broken down to bits.

What was inscribed on two tablets of stones for humanity’s doom

Ended when the WIND rolled away the stone from the tomb.


That holds two walls together

On the revelation of that Stone

Shall the church be built, and not on Peter.

It is to that Stone that David sings.

And that was the Stone in David’s sling.

That Stone that was rejected by men

Also rejected the stoning of an adulteress

For he who was without sin then

Was permitted to cast his stone first.

And as Stephen was stoned to death

He lifted up his eyes

And looked beyond the skies

And saw He who was lifted up from the earth.

And in the middle of that lonely desert

When the devil demanded the turning of stones into bread

He was bitterly defeated with and by the Word.

I shall forever pray this

That His praises shall remain on my lips on a daily bases.

And my worship shall continually raise Him

That He would never have to raise stones to praise Him.

But very soon, the CHIEF CORNERSTONE

Shall return in glory.

To a place where the streets are made of precious stones,

He will take with him all who carried their crosses daily.

This is what happens when you listen to too much of HILLSONG’s CORNERSTONE  album. I’ve just been thinking about stones in  the bible the whole day. And this is the result.


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