So Charles Taylor was  sentenced to life imprisonment. That’s an awful lot of time .  If we are to consider the number of years he has been in mental slavery, in addition to this sentence, this man has probably spent a greater part of his life in bondage than the Israelites did  in Egypt. The only consolation for him is that he is an old man, i’m guessing he is past 65 years. I am no prophet of doom, prophesying the death of this one time Head of State. My point is, he has already lived the best life anybody could wish for during his time in office as the President of Liberia. Therefore, he wouldn’t have much regrets compared to a criminal who never owned a car  before getting a similar sentence.

Whoever determines what number of years  make up ‘life imprisonment’ is  pretty much a wise person. And it just occurred to me that life imprisonment is simply = the rest of your days spent in prison. No specific number of years required. Spending that much time in a place you don’t want to be is a serious waste of time. I believe that  is the whole point. The law wants you to feel how useless your life is, since you just sit and watch the hands of time run. In European countries, provision is made to ease the boredom for inmates. Prisoners are given books to read and sometimes allowed to engage in sporting activities*at least that’s the impression i got from watching Hollywood movies*.  And we’ve heard of rappers who have come out of jail to make huge hits because they wrote the songs in prison. In this case, we can all say it is not a waste of time being in prison. So, for all you know, Charles Taylor is probably having a good time reading a few books to while away time till the end is here.

Can you blame prisoners??? I mean can you accuse them of  being culprits of time wasting too? Not at all. But I surely can accuse all those who have more time on their hands than Charles Taylor’s life imprisonment, to waste  on certain t.v programs. There is a  SHOW on dstv, apparently it’s called a reality t.v show, where we are supposed to witness reality. But i thought reality is basically what you don’t see on t.v?? This is where human beings are caged like lab mice scrambling over a huge sum of money. The fact of the matter is I don’t understand the concept of the entire show, and i doubt if my all-knowing , all-seeing ‘big brother’ does, so i just can’t criticize the show. Let’s be fair here, before you point out the wrong someone is doing, you would have to understand what they are doing first. So the very moment i understand the motives behind that show, i promise you, i’ll jump on that that very moment. Or maybe the ones behind the show make huge sums  of money from the sex tapes that are ‘produced’ on the show??? *shrugs* ah well!!!!. Well at least the contestants are competing *or so it seems* for a huge sum of money, what about those who spend their entire day watching them??? You people have too much time on your hands mehn!!! the fact that you are ignorant about that  ‘i want to show you how i can waste the life you gave me” message you are sending to GOD, is totally beyond me. Maybe i am backward *which i guess i’m not*. If this is the sort of life civilization promises, please send me back to the stone age.

To annoy me further, a group of   ‘well-meaning’  Ghanaians just put together a show called ‘i’m in love with BAMAYA OR BAMUNYA OR BUMAYE’  whatever it is, i care less. Here, we have 12 young ladies who obviously need my mother in their lives, also scrambling over a man. Apparently, the ‘WOMEN’S RIGHTS ACTIVISTS’ haven’t seen it, or maybe it is not an insult to womanhood enough to them.  Too many platforms have been created for people to display how immoral they are. The fact that these shows have sponsors yet the ‘NATIONAL SCIENCE AND MATHS QUIZ’ is off t.v because it lacks sponsors is a wonder and a mystery to me. I pray i’ll understand  it  very soon.


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Bumaye is total crap but hey, thats how the world is. its not what youve got , its what you make out of what you got


@karl thanx man.. @AI what hurts me is the fact that those shows get sponsorship and the educative ones don’t

karl annang

A good piece of writing. A good way to unleash your guts.


Our priorities as a nation has a whole lot to write home about. As for what the media has resorted to showing the public at any time of the day without regard for the youth, the least said about that, the better. Ghana really needs a straightening up!


“@dzifa seriously,, gh needs help oo. thanx for reading tho


…For once I felt I was e only person who felt sick wen I changed channels n all I see is “in love wid bomaye”.all those girls r whores who r jst bored with their lame lives n in an effort to get rid of their grief stricken predicament resort to behave in such an uncultured manner.soo sooo sooo pathetic…there r still men out der lookin fr women to marry n be wid.why do u v to waste ur tym like dat???


its serious oo.. thanx for reading anyway

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