Usually I jump at every opportunity to express my thoughts on any subject concerning my faith. I admit that I am sometimes impulsive when it comes to issues concerning my faith and morality. But after the declaration of the Supreme Court verdict legalizing all gay marriages in the U.S, I didn’t feel like airing my views about it. Of course there were a few provocative posts on social media that would have forced me to react – but I didn’t. Many of the Christians that took to these platforms to vent their spleen shouldn’t have either. It is understandable that they were upset, hence not in the right frame of mind to speak on the issue.


The Supreme Court verdict shouldn’t have come as a shock to any Christian because the bible hints many of such events leading to the end of time. We are even yet to witness the abomination of desolation that Daniel spoke of. This means there are so many other abominable events yet to occur. In my utopia – my wildest fantasies – everyone on earth would be a Christian and live by the same moral code. But we live on earth and not ‘Eli’s Republic’ hence not everybody believes in Christ and The Supreme Court of the United States(SCOTUS) does not make laws based on what is written in the 1st chapter of the book of Romans(sadly). The Supreme Court is on a mission to make people free to do as they please disguised as offering them their human rights. Really, when you think about it, this decision will not make a straight person gay. It just gave the opportunity to those who are already gays to outwardly express their commitment to each other in a more socially accepted way.


The problem I have with the discourse that has been going on about the new law in America is how people think it is now convenient to silence religious people. Did the law offer freedom of expression to one group of people and robbed another of theirs? The very moment a Christian expresses his thoughts on the issue he is either vilified or labelled. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of a fight for freedom? We can’t all support the same movements but we can agree to disagree and live together in harmony. My whole point is that, I believe Christian doctrine should have a place in these discussions. I believe that in the marketplace of ideas, a Christian can also display his wares and not be unfairly treated. Saying that ‘Christians are trying to shove their doctrines down everyone else’s throat’ is neither here nor there. Essentially, that is what everybody is doing. We all have a picture of an ideal world in our heads we would love to see materialize. Do not make me feel my views which are based on my faith are derived from an archaic stock of religious beliefs. Meanwhile, the popular belief is that humanity has advanced in respect to Human Rights and equality because of the SCOTUS’ decision. Well, that’s very funny. Because when you think about it, we have actually taken a giant step back in time. Because homosexuality was dominant in some ancient cities – remember Sodom and Gomorrah?


A person’s faith or religion is often called a World View for this purpose: it is the lenses through which they view the entire world. Therefore asking them to take it off during any form of discourse is literally coercing them to shut their eyes and make a color-choice.


I don’t really mind the tags – homophobic, fundamentalist or even conservative. I am just worried about the extreme moral decadence of our world today. Nowadays, a good lawyer is all you need to legalize what was otherwise a crime or morally wrong. Lawyers are gods now; we have made them gods. It appears God himself is a tyrant because we can’t understand the logic in some of his laws. Our eyes will be opened to the benevolence of this ‘Tyrant’ we eagerly want to overthrow in the face of the new leaders we are democratically putting in his place. George Orwell warned us in the most dramatic way in Animal Farm. We are all rallying behind the revolutionists now, wielding placards, punching the air with our fists and chanting war songs drenched in diabolic lyrics. We want to overthrow God; we long to stage a coup detat in heaven. Very soon we will see the rise of our kind into the position of supreme power. May we never be dumbfounded when their rise to power implies a rise to stand on their hind feet like the so called tyrant we overthrew. They are mere men and cannot offer Justice and love at the same time – only God can.


God is the only confluence of Justice and Love that has ever existed. The SCOTUS can only offer justice. Just as Frederich Neitzche implied, we are left with no option but to make ourselves gods because we have killed god. Playing God is impossible. Please refuse to take the role even in a students’ play. No man can administer both Love and Justice at the same time like He does.


At this rate I will not be shocked if rape is legalized somewhere in the world in the next five years. It may appear a little farfetched now, but so did the legalization of gay marriages and adultery 10 years ago. Our generation has seen:

And if things stay this way, Germany might just legalize incest. Did anybody ask why all these were abominable in the past before making the attempt to legalize them? G.K Chesterton put it more beautifully when he said ‘don’t take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up’. A fence is either keeping predators out of the reach of what is contained in its boundaries or used as a border to contain the growth of what is inside. The thing about these sexually-immoral-but-now-legalized acts is that, we found a fence but we didn’t find anything within its boundaries. Logically, it meant the fence was not serving any purpose…. so we took it down.


I am a Christian and my opinions – which are God’s ordinances – count on every issue. Of course there are many of my kind that are judgmental and give a bad name to the faith. There are many of your kind that give a bad name to whatever worldview you belong to too. We need to communicate our thoughts – which are God’s decrees – in love, sincerity and meekness. I am a Christian and I prefer a morally upright society to a law abiding one. This will never happen even per the bible’s account, but it is something I fantasize about every now and then. God is king forever and may He bless us all.



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6 years ago

Wow… splendid! God bless u Eli. We will finish the race well.

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