In this world there are many people who wish their opinions were heard by as many people as possible. We all have a message, we might not know it until we are given a microphone to speak. But one would find that, having a message does not necessarily give the individual his required audience. The world will not hand you a microphone and a platform at the same time in order for you to speak your mind. Sometimes you would have to get up, nail a few pieces of wood together and create a platform for yourself and then you will be heard. This requires creativity. Hence, I believe creativity is one of the most outstanding and prominent platforms on which one can stand and deliver his message to all people and have it last for all times.

We at SASA hold this view in high esteem. Hence our mantra is ‘our product is the gospel of Jesus Christ, packaged in creativity’. SASA is an acronym, and it stands for Speakers And Singers Association. Coincidentally the word ‘sasa’ means ‘now’ in Swahili. We believe we are a new breed of young Christian artists commissioned to make the gospel known in different artistic forms in these present times and forever more. This is what we do, we lay our gifts at the feet of the master. For is there a better way to please our master than to offer him back what he gave us? It is only right than we use a God-given gift for a God-given purpose. In the Art Industry in this country it seems many do not expect much, so far as creativity is concerned, from Christian artists. Technically, this should not be the case, for ‘ the Creator-inspired art, should of a necessity be creative’. This is what we seek to achieve as a group. Package the message of Jesus in creativity, thereby raising our platform high enough for all eyes to witness and be influenced by. We believe strongly, though this is starting off as a group of young passionate people on a mission, it will turn out to be a revolution and a movement. Which will catch up with many youth around the world.


(Outreach at ICS in kumasi –  school evangelism)

We recognize that there is art in all spheres of human endeavor so we welcome all sorts of artists as we are a conglomeration of artists from different backgrounds. There are poets in our midst, painters, singers, song writers, dancers, graphic designers, photographers, motivational speakers, rappers, instrumentalists etc. Not forgetting those who work tirelessly in the background to make things happen. Those who are responsible for putting the shows we do together. We all come together to form one huge family. A family of like-minded people working together to achieve one aim – lifting the name of Christ above all else. There is a lot we are involved in. In every year we organize shows at different times. This is where we get to share our talent and message with all who are present. There is usually a variety of artistic presentations in such shows. There is poetry, music, dance and also we  have on display some paintings by some artists. Then once every year, we come together and have a live recording of all the artistic pieces we put out there all year round. We have already had two of such recordings. The videos of the first live recording are available on our Youtube channel – Speaker Singer. We also take part in community and school outreach programs. This is where we get to interact with people directly. When it is needed, we minister our artistic pieces and in other cases we just share the gospel of Christ by word of mouth. This is what we are called to do.


(Community evangelism at Ejisu-Juaben in the Ashanti Region of Ghana)

This is a movement. This is something bigger than us. It is about time Christian artists took the world by storm and refused to allow fear to hamper the spread of the word of God. Jesus said, ‘Go into the world, and make disciples for me..’, the ‘world’ there includes every gathering or place where people usually converge. This has necessitated our strong social media presence. On facebook, you can find out about us on our page SASA, where we occasionally post inspirational messages and artistic pieces from our members. Follow us on Instagram @sasaMinistries, on twitter @sasa_movement, sasamovement on youtube  and on wordpress SASABLOGGING.WORDPRESS.COM. Let no one stifle your thoughts, do not smother your own talent and voice, in all that you do BE HEARD, and be heard speaking about the love of Christ.


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Great post. SASA- Speakers and Singers not “Writers” Edit that. Great


Yeah, really great!

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