The Gold Coast is my home

I am convinced poverty won’t leave me alone

So I am travelling in search of precious stones

Totally ignoring the diamonds of Sierra Leone


What they said about them, when they returned

Those young energetic sluggards

From wherever it was they sojourned

They seemed to praise themselves like fallen lizards


So I decided to embark on this journey in search of wealth

Motivated by their words and the barrenness of the Ghanaian earth

In the quest to live in my dreams

I was totally asleep to reality, it seems


When dryness grips your throat

So hard that you could easily choke

Nothing can be compared to your desire for urine

On a desert littered with dead human beings


The tides are less friendly on this sea of dust

Lybia holds the wealth after which I lust

Shall I also thirst and die?

Too much dust has been thrown into my eyes.


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