Seriously, I thought education was supposed to make human beings more enlightened. Well, apparently trying to make assumptions concerning the fact that something will have the same effect on everybody who comes into contact with it is rather a little absurd. Clearly, there are people out there who would allow education to be beneficial to them only in the area of their career and they choose to remain illiterates in the area of basic moral values. It is just unfathomable how educated people would even try to DEFEND homosexuality. This is a mystery to me.

Here we are as Ghanaians, claiming we are free from any form of oppression since Kwame Nkrumah and his gang of hardcore revolutionary minded young men, fought for the independence of this country, yet there is a surge of mental bondage these days than ever before. People are still enslaved in their thoughts to the white man and his ways. Just like the slave trade era, the most inhuman offence was not committed by the white men, but rather the greedy and selfish chiefs who sold their own people for ‘next-to-nothing’ goods. They were the most inhuman people, the chiefs, their accomplices and the whole pack of them. If you would look at this critically, you would realize that in those days the chiefs were regarded as the very elite in the society and also they were esteemed as the repository of knowledge and wisdom. So it is little wonder that the very elite and well-educated amongst us nowadays, are leading the movement for the legalization of homosexuality. When people who should know better act like they don’t, and it’s probably because they don’t, it spells doom for the entire country. ‘oh, because some European countries have done it, it’ll be okay for us to do same’- this is such an uneducated statement which exhibits such little respect for the culture of this country. Even in the traditional setting of Ghana, where  several inhuman practices were encouraged, there is a strong dislike for homosexuality and lesbianism. My argument is, since human beings have the privilege of a freewill, there is a great possibility we may sway from the default setting of the creator. In the light of this, lets study the other creatures deprived of the privilege of a freewill then we can  see the default setting of sexuality amongst mammals. Since it isn’t proven that homosexuality exists amongst animals, we are clear on the creator’s default setting on mammal (human beings and animals) sexuality.

The beauty of literature, affords everybody the opportunity to interpret a piece of writing to the best of his understanding. Though this is  true, it does not eliminate the existence of the absolute truth or the perfect intended meaning the writer wanted to put across. I say this because, I read an article in one of the weeklies that defended the  homosexuality using the bible. I mean the writer actually used certain portions of the bible to defend this most abominable act. It’s a shame though. If there is anything I am sure the bible takes a very bold position against, it is sexual immorality and specifically, homosexuality. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is one of such isolated instances in the bible. In the book of 1st Corinthians 6:9, the bible states categorically that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. So, concerning the stance of the bible on the issue of homosexuality, it is clear and I am more sure of that than I am of the position of the sun at noon. The big question remains, then why are certain ‘reverend’ ministers of the word of God, officiating gay marriages in certain European countries?? Amazingly, I don’t have the answer to this question but I can only  make certain assumptions. It is either they are lying to their congregation and the society about what the bible says concerning this issue or the bible is rather telling us a lie and the onus falls on such distinguished men to CORRECT the bible. Trust me, the latter is extremely outrageous and the former more likely. If there is anything I can say about how God feels about the issue of homosexuality, then it would be that God hates homosexuality but he loves homosexuals just like any other human being. Note; this is built on the ideology that God hates sin but loves sinners, and that’s why he came to die on the cross for all, so that we would not remain in that sinful state.

At the frontline of the battle for the acceptance of homosexuality in the society is a pack of atheists. Richard Dawkins, regarded as one of the most notorious atheists in the world, says in his defense of atheism that he just can’t come to terms with the fact that a god who created this wonderful universe in majesty, would concern himself with what human beings did with their genitals. This paraphrased statement actually rolled off the tongue of an intellectual, a professor, for that matter. The  intentional blindness to the existence of God, births immorality. And this is a typical example of it. Anyway, I believe gay people deserve as many rights and privileges as any other person in this country. This means I am strongly opposed to violence against homosexuals. I don’t mind sitting next to a homosexual in a bus, but I won’t tolerate  homosexuality being accepted as a norm in my community, because even a 7 year old can see that there is something wrong with the picture above.


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hmmmm…you couldn’t have said it better.


Great stuff. One of the great Christian Apologetics, Ravi Zacharias, I revered so much answered a question concerning this beautifully. Please check this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIw6ngIqaD0


“Since it isn’t proven that homosexuality exists amongst animals, we are clear on the creator’s default setting on mammal (human beings and animals) sexuality.”
You’re very wrong there… I have seen goats, dogs and sheep demonstrate homosexual behavior.
And it has been documented..
and by linking human morals with animals, then i must say we might as well all accept screwing our mums and dads, cuz this i have also seen goats do…. just saying…..


Ahiabor, You make plenty interesting points and I just couldn’t resist the urge to look at this matter from my point of view.

Towards the end of your piece you said the following:
‘I believe gay people deserve as many rights and privileges as any other person in this country. This means I am strongly opposed to violence against homosexuals. I don’t mind sitting next to a homosexual in a bus, but I won’t tolerate homosexuality being accepted as a norm in my community, because even a 7 year old can see that there is something wrong with the picture above.’

What do you mean by ‘I WONT TOLERATE H BEING ACCEPTED AS A NORM’ More importantly how do you propose to SHOW this intolerance? I sincerely hope you mean to do this in purely non-violent means.

Next point. I want to know why what two adults do in the comfort of their privacy concerns anyone. I have said before and I repeat WHAT TWO ADULTS DO IN THE COMFORT OF THEIR PRIVACY DOESNT BOTHER ME SO LONG AS IT DOESNT INVOLVE CHILDREN, ANIMALS OR VEGETABLES.

A lot of well meaning Christians mention Sodom and Gomorrah as the big Bible reference. I agree. It is clear that from the Bible story, God destroyed SnH due to H.

Can we look further into that story?

Did God not PROMISE to save SnH if there were a few righteous people there?…

Did God not REMOVE the righteous people BEFORE he destroyed SnH?

Now some interesting observations… Had it been made clear up to that point that God had told the people he disliked H? I am not so sure the Bible records this law being given to God’s people up to that time.

More interesting…DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH LOT AND HIS DAUGHTERS AFTER leaving SnH? Go read. His daughters got him drunk and had sex with their DAD!

Ok, you get my drift by now. Spending time making such hu ha about H is a bloody waste of time when we have more important things to worry about.

It is not my JOB as a Christian to ENFORCE God’s laws. He can do it himself.

I dont fear living with Gays one bit. I have better things to worry over.

Now tell me this….why do some Christians focus so much on H issues. It’s like it’s the biggest sin in the Bible. If there was a thing like Sin ranking that it.

Get over it… some people like to cheat on their spouses, some like being Gay…some like sleeping with animals some like cursing others….God b the Judge.

Now I await your comments.

@papabedo on twitter.


So much for free speech isn’t it? What happened to my reply? Was it too strong for u? why did you approve it and then remove it?

If U don’t have better arguments you adopt such tactics! Come onn man up and lets trade comments!

@papabedo on twitter


amazing comments here, i might just write another blog in reply. ben, y do u call me ahiabor in the first place. plus the new testament says it clearly how God does not support H. if u say what 2 well-knowing adults do in their room doesn’t concern u, i sit n wonder.what if a 59 year old dad sleeps with his 23 yr old daughter? they are both adults ryte????? smh. cus in our country the law says attempted suicide and aiding in suicide is a crime. in ur analogy, i would say, who cares what another person does with his life? the law cannot technically love a citizen more than himself. so it is a bit selfish for u, as a christian(i should think) to say that… n yeh i wish we could meet face to face….. n to jasetay, thanx for the correction anyway. but if u were attentive u would realize that wasn’t the major premise on which i built my points. that was just by the by. so for you to question it only tells me i need to be careful next time


and one other thing i wanted to mention, you make reference to how as “africans”, we seem to be copying westeners… have you heard about boy wives and female husbands??nd did you know it was the westeners who made homosexuality into a law….one more thing,the idea of (a christian) god, that isnt africa ooo….


am not supporting homosexality or anything related to it. but for the record, no body is pushing for the legalisation of homosexuality in ghana, the issue on debate has to do with their basic human right which are being encroached upon because of their sexuality. the laws relating to homosexuality in ghana are steeped in ambiguity. these laws have to be clearly defined and implemented. the moral concencus of a nation does not automatically become a law.


please if u could just read the entire blog again, u would realize we are speaking about the same thing. i want their rights protected too, i just dun want Ghanaians to start thinking because some countries in the west, whose sense of morality is lower than ours, see nothing wrong with homosexuality, we shouldn’t either… that’s childish


honestly i dun get u…. plus Christianity is not a western culture it is a faith. so since i believe JESUS is the way, i dun care who introduced him to me. all i care is the fact that He is my savior. PERIOD!!!!!!! U WLD HAVE TO STOP WESTERNIZING CHRISTIANITY TOO


Hi Eli, First off, Sorry I called you another name. For some reason I thought that was your name. Sorz anyways.

2nd issue. I like the way you only used the new testament to explain yourself. Does it not occur to you that Ghana has plenty different faiths and beliefs? Our constitution makes it clear there is freedom to worship who u like and do what u like (within reason of course)

Laws are made to govern societies. If and when societies realise these laws are unnecessary, they change them.

You swerved my resuest that you explain how u plan to SHOW YOUR INTOLERANCE of Gay culture. I am still waiting for it.

As for whether Christianity if western or not, it’s only a side issue. If english is a western language because it was introduced to us by westerners, then commeonsense says Christianity is western too because it was introduced to us by them…but hey, we live in a big world and we share values and cultures all the time.


i have fully answered that question in my blog. i am not for violence or discrimination against gay people. it is the very act i hate and not the individuals involved in it. please read my new blog, i really addressed a lot of issues about ur comment in there…….. how on EARTH CAN U SAY CHRISTIANITY IS WESTERN????? the biblical stories are mostly set in Israel.. isn’t that a clue enough???? yes it was introduced to us by the whites, but that does not make western…..

Law Professionals

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