I am 6.3 feet above the ground

And yet they want me to be 6 feet beneath it.

No matter how crazy this may sound

I really need you to believe it.

For at night when i fall asleep

The very moment my mind is at peace

They sleep not

But they creep and plot

OF How to make my flesh their feast.

For your own benefit

Vacate these premises

I don’t believe in Karma or Nemesis

But i only believe in the author of Genesis

The question is

Have we met before

SO what have i got to do with you?

What on earth has a carnivore

Got to do with eating fruits???

I know they probably wished i would have died at birth

But i was still born.

Obviously i’m here, so then i wasn’t STILL-BORN.

WELL. i can’t stand the impudence

Of evil-influenced

People, who want to sabotage a brother

Though i AM not a mathematical instrument,

But in my little kingdom i am that ruler.

I am not being paranoid, I’m only facing reality

And getting familiar with the fact that we all have an enemy.

This truth lies above all the lies they’ve been telling me.

Honestly, i’m ready to face that enemy squarely.

So i won’t swerve

Neither will i take that CURVE

Because I’m BOLD enough to face that STORM –  BLACKBERRY.

So dear LORD I’m at your feet like birkenstock

Raise me above the heads of my enemies like dreadlocks.

And i shall forever proclaim that i am sincerely yours.

Though they wish to see me hang on a rope

I choose to hang on hope

And hold tightly to the feet of he who died on the cross.


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kudos mehn, keep on n never cease irrespective of the adversities n unequanimity. The future is very bright n believe me or not, you are on the steppingstone to the great celebrated and famous predecessors poets’ n scholars.God bless ya,one Love.


thanx man. it is enuff encouragement for me



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