I am a Christian, which means I am a sinner who has been redeemed. I am a writer: I allow my mind to run wild sometimes and this blog has offered me the platform to communicate to you – my readers – the expeditions of my mind.

I believe strongly in the bible; its guiding principles; its authenticity as the Word of God and its relevance to the world today. I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ should be ever present wherever the highly learned in our society converge to dialogue. This is because I stand in awe of the coherence of the gospel and the prophetic essence of the bible (which is one of the strongest pillars on which the authenticity of the bible rests). I always say that if Paul could preach and Greeks would give their lives to Christ (Acts 14), that is enough proof that the gospel of Jesus Christ can withstand any wave of argument lifted up against it. I say this against the backdrop of the status of Greece as a philosophical hub since time immemorial.

My interest in the bible is way beyond religion. What I have is an academic interest in the bible – where I want to get all my questions answered so I can help as many as are troubled by those very questions. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts. I write articles, short stories and also perform spoken word poetry; hopefully one of these genres will appeal to you.

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